Foresight Imaging Introduces Real-Time Video & DICOM Collaboration Products

(Chicago, IL – November 29, 2009) Foresight Imaging introduces the TIMS Collaborator; TIMS Consultant  clinical imaging portal and medical video collaboration products at the RSNA 2009 exhibition in Chicago. These networked collaboration systems completely change the mechanism of clinical healthcare by enabling care-giving teams the ability to connect to any medical imaging procedure or DICOM study and communicate and collaborate to better deliver high quality, safe, and efficient care to patients.The TIMS Consultant is a networked system that allows physicians, technicians, and sub-specialty consultants at various physical locations to view and participate in a live medical or diagnostic imaging procedure. Remote patient exams using standard or HD cameras can be transmitted using the TIMS Consultant.  Multiple medical video sources, such as endoscopy, fluoroscopy and even 1080p HD video, with multiple clients are featured with every TIMS Consultant installation.  This includes clients both on the hospital network and remote participants around the world.  Participants in the Consultant session can telestrate and annotate on the live video for
emphasis and training purposes.

The TIMS Collaborator is a true breakthrough product that changes the way healthcare providers work together toward better patient outcomes. The TIMS Collaborator provides all of the live multi-video source transmission and multi-client viewing capabilities of the TIMS Consultant. In addition, it allows the capture of still and motion video from any of the incoming video streams. Further, multiple participants can share the still images and video, and fully collaborate on the study. With the TIMS Collaborator, they can telestrate, annotate, and mark-up the images and video with a variety of colors, graphics, and text.  The results of the collaboration session can be saved in DICOM format and sent to any PACS system to archive a record of the collaboration for later review and analysis. The TIMS Collaborator can query/retrieve DICOM studies from any PACS system. These DICOM studies can be used for full collaboration by multiple participants. The annotated results of the collaboration may then be archived to PACS.  At all times, live video from any medical imaging source, procedure, or camera can be viewed side-by-side with the collaborated study or shared video.

Both the TIMS Consultant & TIMS Collaborator are ideal for medical applications such as multi-physician consulting, resident training, surgical training, teaching, tele-mentoring, tele-medicine, peer group meetings, tumor boards, sub-specialty consulting, monitoring, and much more. With TIMS Consultant & TIMS Collaborator, the application possibilities are

TIMS Consultant & TIMS Collaborator are game-changers for medical imaging and healthcare workflow as we know it today. These products allow medical video sharing and full collaboration by all types of healthcare workers in real-time. The result is more efficient and more effective clinical care, said Jim Smurro, Director of Corporate Development at Foresight Imaging.

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