Foresight Imaging Announces 35 Unit TIMS DICOM System Install With Panama Ministry of Health

(Lowell, MA – November 8, 2007) Foresight Imaging announces the recent installation of 35 of their TIMS DICOM Systems for non-DICOM to DICOM conversion and PACS connectivity in Panama.  This country-wide installation at several Panama Ministry of Health Hospitals was sold and completed by TIMS reseller Reserma, S.A., located in Panama City.  This installation was part of a PACS roll-out in the Ministry of Health Hospitals.  TIMS was installed with a large variety of modalities including fluoroscopy, ultrasound, CT, nuclear medicine, and more.  At all of these installations, TIMS was connected to an Agfa IMPAX PACS.“We are very pleased to be chosen as the non-DICOM to DICOM connectivity system for the Panama Ministry of Health.  Our local reseller, Reserma, S.A., did a tremendous job in showing the TIMS DICOM System as the premier solution for PACS connectivity.  Their experience and expertise showed through in their success with this large installation,” said Tony Molinari, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Foresight Imaging.

About the TIMS DICOM System

Hospitals and imaging clinics around the world need to convert their non-DICOM medical modalities to DICOM. Upgrading or replacing these modalities is too expensive, often costing hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Replacing all of the non-DICOM devices for PACS connectivity purposes is simply not cost-effective. The solution is the TIMS DICOM System. TIMS converts any non-DICOM medical modality to DICOM. The resulting digital study can be sent to PACS, recorded to CD/DVD/USB, and printed to film or paper. TIMS is available for a small fraction of the cost of a modality upgrade. Yes, TIMS can convert ANY medical modality to DICOM. This includes ultrasound, fluoroscopy, endoscopy, motion X-ray, angiography, nuclear medicine, MR, CT, and much more. TIMS captures both static images and streaming video at 30 frames per second, 15 frames per second, or at virtually any frame rate desired. TIMS even converts to DICOM the JPG, BMP, and AVI images generated in pathology, dermatology, and ophthalmology applications.

About Foresight Imaging

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